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Ben Gallaway


My  first experience with recording music involved a 4 track cassette deck,  one Radio Shack microphone, and a lot of experimentation.  Though my  experience and resources have grown over the years, the creative  approach necessitated by that early process is still central to how I  make albums.

I  know that every project I get is an opportunity to help in realizing  someone's artistic vision.  I use every tool I have, from new and  vintage recording gear to my array of great instruments and amps, to my  contacts with musicians, producers, and other creative professionals in  order to support each client to the greatest extent I'm able.

I  love working on rock, country, jazz, hip hop, and any genre or style  that comes my way - the endless variety of sounds and visions is a huge  part of what makes this such an amazing job!  If you're interested in  recording your next project at Z Sound Recording, please don't hesitate  to contact me.  I love talking about creative possibilities, and I'm  always happy to give a studio tour! 

Team Effort


Need help with productions, arrangements, instrumentation, or anything else?  We can do that.  Got a fully conceived album to capture?  We can also give you the space you need to realize your vision.  We're here to help, no matter what shape that takes.

More than the sum...


Great vintage and modern equipment and instruments provide a diverse sonic palate.  Years of experience, study, and exploration allow us to be effective and efficient in capturing your vision.  Our passion for creating great sound means it's never just another job for us.  Every new project is an adventure, an opportunity to grow musically, and a priviledge to be entrusted with.

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